Professional Snagging Lists for New Builds

Professional Snagging Lists - Skirting

So you’ve just bought a new home! You’re the first owner of a brand new property that’s just been built. What can possibly go wrong?

Lots, actually.

The average newly built property will typically have between 50 and 150 defects within it, representing £1000’s of work in many cases. As many as 1 in 12 newly built properties have in excess of 200 defects. These defects range from simple matters, such as paint finishes being untidy, to more serious issues, such as faulty wiring and floors not being level. You won’t believe some of the cut-corners we have seen in our time!

At Pearce & Pearce you have a powerful player about to go into bat for you. Our professional snagging list service not only includes a report on so-called “snagging issues” (issues which need addressing by the builder after they think the work is complete) but can include a follow-up service to check that your developer has put the issues right as per our report for an additional £99 + VAT.

Professional Snagging Lists - Electrical Plug

We work to NHBC (National House-Building Council) standards and most importantly of all, we NEVER work for the developers – we are here for you to ensure that your move into your new home is coupled with the peace of mind that the property has been checked by a highly qualified and independent company.

Our qualified building surveyors add their impressive post-graduate qualifications to years of experience in project managing and undertaking the all-important snagging list at the end of the work.

This market is, sadly, littered with unqualified “salesmen” who are more interested in getting your money than seeing that your interests are protected. Many have no experience with the building process and cannot be sure to catch everything as they do not always know what to look for.

At Pearce & Pearce we will only send you a qualified surveyor with no less than a Masters Degree (MSc) in Building Surveying and at least 5 years experience to assess your property.

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  • One bedroom apartment - £349 + VAT
  • Two bedroom apartment - £379 + VAT
  • Two bedroom house - £399 + VAT
  • Three bedroom apartment - £429 + VAT
  • Three bedroom house - £449 + VAT
  • Four bedroom house - £499 + VAT
  • Five bedroom house - £569 + VAT
  • *First 25 miles from Head Office included in price. Mileage thereafter charged at a rate of £0.45 per mile.

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